First Date Sex Video of Tattooed Blonde Beauty Met On Snapchat – Arteya – DateSlam

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I was on holiday in Thailand and got to know a saucy Russian girl on snapchat. We were having a flirty time talking about First Date Sex sexting dirty thoughts to each other. When she found out I was in Thailand she started sending me naked pics (wow sexy blonde with hot body and tattoo’s – naughty naughty)! Yes she was here too on holiday and wanted to meet. WTF! I had to get my shit together and set up a meet with this stunner right pronto!After a few feverish wanks’ over those sizzling pictures ( sign up and check out her selfies in the Galleries Section ) I was so eager to meet her, especially since I didnt have to do any of the work one typically would need to do with pickup sex. This one.. like she was hand-delivered, by herself. We agreed on a dinner date at a local Krabi restaurant. Boy just sitting there next to her she looked so pretty all I wanted to do was fuck her. I felt a bit like a movie star because she really resembled “Khaleesi” from GoT. I had a good feeling from all the nude selfies she had sent me. It felt like she was also game for some First Date Sex. And maybe even she would not mind if I recorded it on video. We got to know each other a little, then we went to my apartment. Easy as that.