Redhead Fucked on First Date – Kattie Gold – DateSlam

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I am back in Bali for a hookup with another chick here on vacation. You can see from her selfies this girl was a sexy redhead freckles and all. Of course I was hoping to find out if her pubes were orange too!! We met up in a cafe for our first date. Kattie was a spunky looking redhead enjoying her exotic Bali holiday. We talked a while, chatting and flirting. Then I convinced her to go back to my hotel room and take some photographs. DAMN this girl had a body on her, but I know you guys don’t just want a nude girl – you want a Redhead Fucked on First Date, am I right?! This girl was photogenic and eager to please too. Soon she had her pink dress hiked up, showing off a skimpy pair of Bali panties. Nude photos? No problem Kattie just peeled off and WOW guys what a body! And check it out – no pubes she was shaved bald and now I was super-horny to fuck this angelic looking redhead. I showed her just how exciting I was getting and that sure turned her on. Next I ate that bald redhead pussy. What a great holiday. There I was squeezing those firm tits while she jerked me off. Our fucking was pretty intense, this redhead beauty was a moaner – just listen to her go! Just how I like it. And just what these horny young girls on holiday want – a good Dateslam fucking from a guy like me.