Unfaithful Girlfriend 02 – Aspen Ora – CherryPop

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Brandon and Mike are scared their girlfriends will cheat. They decide to test their girlfriends’ faithfulness. Brandon will try to sleep with Mike’s girlfriend and Mike will do the same. Let the seductions begin…Mike Knocks on Brandon’s door. Suddenly, Brandon’s girlfriend Summer calls for help. She’s slipped in the bath and hurt. Mike helps her to Brandon’s bedroom. He gets her comfy on the bed, while getting turned on by her naked body. Summer pleads for a massage to ease the pain. Mike wants to ease his dick into her but won’t cheat on his girl, until Summer whispers ‘if it’s anal it’s not cheating.’ Those magic words spring his rock hard cock into action! Summer takes a deep dicking with all-anal action on her tight backdoor. He leaves her moaning with her tight tushy full of his throbbing dick. Summer’s so into it…it’s almost like she planned it!?